About Us

Dream Weavers not only weaves dreams but also turns them into reality. In life we all have dreams — dreams that we intensely desire, but the harsh realities of life breaks them at every milestone due to the fact that we have not equipped ourselves well to accomplish them. Dream Weavers prepares you all to accomplish your dreams.

This institute is a first rate organization for the training of Insurance agents advisors. It not only imparts education of Insurance but also builds the trainees as much more accomplished individuals through total self-development, Tune Management, advance communication and analytical abilities. Its main Office at Jalandhar and branches at Amritsar & Ludhiana with proposal to open it vistas at many other cities.

We also coach for admissions to other Management Colleges, appearance in IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE & SAT examinations.

Apart form the above we look after the placement in life of bright young men and women. At present we are working with 35 National and Multi-National Companies including Top Banks, Insurance Companies & Telecom Companies to meet their man power requirment.

If you wish to convert your dreams to bright realities, then Dream Weavers is the nearer Centre, which can guide you to your appointed goal.