Frequently Asked Question

Ques 1. What is IRDA?

Ans: IRDA stands for Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority. It is a governing authority for Insurance companies in India. IRDA act was formed in the year 1999.

Ques 2. What is the minimum training required to become an agent?

Ans: A new agent has to undergo minimum 50 hours of training.

Ques 3. WIs there any examination after the completion of training?

Ans: Yes. To become a licenced agent, one needs to clear the examination and score minimum 50% marks./p>

Ques 4. Will I get to attempt any practice test?

Ans: : Yes, you will have to attempt practice test at the end of each chapter. Apart from this you will be asked question during the chapter at random intervals.

Ques 5.Is it necessary to pass the practice test or score minimum marks to move to next chapter?

Ans: No it is not necessary to score minimum marks but it is necessary to attempt the test.

Ques 6. How long the License is Valid?

Ans: It is valid for 3 years.

Ques 7. What is Code of Conduct?

Ans: It is a conduct code made for agents and gives Do’s and Don’ts for them.

Ques 8. Can I study the course from any computer or from different locations?

Ans: : Yes, you can access the course from any computer or place provided it has an Internet connection. You just have to key in your password and user name. You will need the Java Script Enabled installed with your browser to do chapter test and test.

Ques 9. Can I, as an individual, enroll for the online training course?

Ans: As per IRDA norms, you can do so only if sponsored by an insurance company

Ques 10. Do I have to make an extra payment for attempting the mock exams more than once?

Ans: here is no extra payment required to attempt the mock exam any number of times, as it is a part of the course itself.

Ques 11.Can I print the chapter text and carry it along for studying at ease?

Ans: No, The complete course material is in a 'read only' format and therefore cannot be printed. This is to ensure security and sanctity of the course material and so that no one is able to tamper with the approved course content.

Ques 12. How many questions can I ask from each chapter under Discussion forum?

Ans: As many as you wish or need to ask.

Ques 13. Can you send answers to my questions in other e-mail accounts like Hotmail and Yahoo! as well, or do I have to open an account with your portal?

Ans: All your communications with the faculty is possible through the internal link ie Discussion Forum. But you can send mail also to the faculty at and you will get your answer at the earliest

Ques 14.How can I contact my tutor

Ans: You can send your queries through the Discussion Forum or through email.

Ques 15. How can I view my progress?

Ans: Click on the option labelled `Report' having different sub menus. You can click on the required sub menu to see your progress.

Ques 16. Is there any specified time limit for me to study each chapter?

Ans: Yes, there is minimum time to be spent on every chapter to complete 50 hours training. The time is mentioned on 'COURSE SYUDY - CHAPTERS' MENU.

Ques 17. Can I do the online course without knowing any particular computer language?

Ans: : You do not need to know any computer language. The complete course is very user friendly. Wherever necessary, instructions are provided for ease of navigation.

Ques 18. Do I have to learn any specific course to undertake the online training?

Ans: :No, You just log in by keying in your user ID and the password and follow the instructions to proceed.

Ques 19. Can I study chapters in a different sequence than as given in the course?

Ans: :No, you cannot study chapters in a different sequence. You need to spend minimum time of first chapter before moving on to the next one.