Online Insurance Training - Frequently Asked Questions

We have prepared an FAQ file which clears the doubts regarding online training, how to work and how time is stored.

Q1. What is the validity of my login id?

Ans: If you are doing 50 hours training, your login id is valid for 15 days and if you are doing 25 hours training, your id is valid for 8 days.

Q2. Can I change my Login id?

Ans: No, login id cannot be changed. Your login id is your URN (Unique Reference Number) which is registered with IRDA.

Q3. Can I change my password? If yes, how frequently?

Ans: Your password will be changed at following instances:

  1. After every 4 hours of training session.
  2. Whenever you logout from your training session.

Q4. Can I chose password of my choice?

Ans: New password cannot be of your choice. You will receive auto generated password through sms on your mobile.

Q5. Can more than one candidate login at one system to have combined training session?

Ans: No, only one candidate can login on one system.

Q6. What is the maximum number of hours I can utilize during a day time for my online study?

Ans: You can spend a maximum of 8 Hrs during a day in your training module. A day is counted as "00:00 Hrs to 24:00 Hrs".

Q7. What happens to the extra time which I would have spent during the day? For example, if I spend more than 8 hours during a day, what time would it reflect in my report?

Ans: You cannot do training after 8 hours, system will automatically logout.

Q8. Would the time spent by me in the revision tests at the end of every chapter be counted in the minimum prescribed hours?

Ans:  No, as per the IRDA Guidelines, time spent on the revision tests would not be added to your minimum prescribed Hrs.

Q9. How would the time spent by me in, using my login Id, get stored?

Ans:As per IRDA guidelines, Web site has been designed to record the time you would spend on the online study (chapters study) and other training aspects such as Glossary, Abbreviations, mock test, Final Practice tests, User Manual etc.

Q10. If I leave the website open & do not study, would my time get updated then?

Ans: Unless you would have gone through the pages, your time would not get stored. You would automatically get logged-out from the website, incase a page has been kept open for more than 10 Minutes without any interface between you and the computer; i.e. If you have just gone to the website and kept it open without actually using it, time would not be stored.

Q11. Can I open multiple windows?

Ans: No, you cannot open multiple windows.

Q12. How can I check, whether my time is getting updated?

Ans: Upon login, the subsequent page displays your current status of the training, i.e. the number of hours utilized for training of the allotted hours. Alternatively you could use the link ‘ Reports’ from the menu for checking the status of your training among other things.

Q13. Are there any other ways, due of which my time spent in the website may not get stored?

Ans: There could be other reasons because of which your time may not get stored. These are:

  1. If you go to the websites linked through (for eg etc), time spent in these websites would not get stored.
  2. At times your internet connection may be so slow that there is no transfer of Bytes between the local Computer and the server, in which case for that period, the time would not be stored.

Q14.Can I start with any chapter?

Ans::  No, You can start with  first chapter only. Once it is complete you can go to next chapter and so on.

Q15.Do I have to go through all the chapters mentioned & is there a minimum time I have to spend in all the chapters?

Ans: Yes, you have to go through all the mentioned chapters. You would be required to spend a minimum time mentioned before 'chapter title' of every chapter and it is must for your training to be certified upon the completion of your allotted hours.

Q16. Is there any other way, by which I would be able to know that my time on any page is getting counted or not?

Ans: Yes, at the right – top corner of every page (above the search button), there would be a clock on display which shows your session time and Auto logoff time.

Q17. What is Auto Logoff Time?

Ans: This is the maximum time in which there has to be interface between you and the computer. Otherwise it will automatically be logged off. We have put one warning popup window after 8 minutes to remain logged in. In case you donot click on the ok button of popup window , after another 2 minutes you will be automatically logged off and last 10 minutes of that seesion will not be counted.

Q18. can I get in touch with you, if I have any queries related to the training programme?

Ans: You could send us your query at for general / web site related problems and faculty@dreamweaversindia.comfor course or study related doubts.

OR you can call us at the Tel No. mentioned below:

0181 - 7102500